Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you.

Well today I finished taking my class to clean and flush Chris PIC line. I couldn't help but notice there were nothing but women in my class and they were all wives to the patient.. I wondered if  more Men get Cancer than women so I googled it and found that actually more women get cancer than men but women are more apt to survive.. interesting stuff.  Anyways this is Chris's third day on the immunotherapy and he has been such a good patient. His skin is red and his blood pressure is low but he is handling it like a champ.  I am so happy we will be out of here soon, it will be such a relief to be home for a while.  I just don't think I could have made it without the help of my family and friends. From late night cries to my mom and sister to my kind cousins here in Houston. Thank you for all the visits Laurette and all the love and helping me with just EVERYTHING from accommodating Chris's family to bringing me some of the best Texas BBQ ever and just being here for me I love you so much and appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you Adrian and Carolina for visiting us and keeping us in good spirits, thank you for your generosity and love, we love you guys so much. We are so blessed to have family here that we love and loves us. To the rest of our family and friends thank you for the prayers, visits, and love I don't have enough space to  type everyones names  but we have had so so soooo much support. We love you all. Keep reading, keep praying and I will keep updating everyone.


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