Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Feeling a little better

Laying here next to Chris I wish so hard that I could have this moment forever, he is sleeping sweetly while the TV hums in the background...  Today was a good day for him we had lots of visitors and he ate more than he has in days, including  half of a snickers! The day started out with a visit from my Daddy he brought us a Watermelon it was perfectly ripe and it fed all the visitors who were to come. Chris's sister Susan stopped by next and then came my beautiful mother, my friend Connie, and then our friends Kevin and Kim. It was really nice having our family and friends here today it made the day pass along nice and kept Chris in wonderful spirits.
I have noticed his hands and feet are returning back to their normal color hopefully the rest of his body will follow soon. (My sweet little lobster. :D)
He was only nauseous once today as I am trying to beat the nausea with meds before it hits him. I made him some yummy veggie soup with enough Garlic to kill an army of vampires he seemed to enjoy  it as I got him to eat 2 mugs full. I like seeing him feeling better it makes me sad when he's feeling sick. Well that's the story my morning glories. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

More love than you'll ever know

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