Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Beans and Rice

Well I heard back from MD Anderson about Chris's blood tests  from yesterday and the nurse said there was nothing of concern and everything seems to be OK for now. So that's great news.  Chris also had a phone interview with the Social Security Dept this morning and the good news is I am pretty sure he will qualify, the bad news it takes 5 months to get stuff started... ACK! And no backpay.. Something just seems very wrong about that but we will take what we can get! In other news Chris ate 3 bowls of red beans and rice for lunch.. ha! So I can now conclude that his appetite is all the way back :D We also got a new phone fedexed to us today, I can't BELIEVE I washed our cell phone yesterday and we already got a replacement, it was literally a Friday Verizon Miracle. Anyways I hope everyone has a fun safe weekend, keep us in your prayers and thoughts.



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