Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still here..

Well we had hoped to be on the road by now but they needed another day to observe Chris. His blood pressue had been running  around  80/45 the last few days and they just could not let him leave with it being so low but  today it has been slowly rising and his blood count is up. The doctor just came in and said everything was looking good and hopefully we can head home tomorrow.
I  am happy to annonunce I can now take care of Chris's pic line while at home  I changed the cap, flushed the line, and changed his dressing yesterday.
Look at that purty dressing

We will be home until the 19th as we return for the second round July 20th for approximately a week. While at home we will still have to get his labs done, so Monday I need to find a place for us to start going.

I know alot of you especially our family like to see a pic of Chris on here from time to time  but as many of you probably already know he hates having his picture taken but I snuck this shot in yesterday for you guys :)

you better guarantee he is gonna be mad I put this picture up!

Apparently my camera not only decided upon itself to start date stamping my pictures but its putting the wrong date and year in also! I am going to have to figure out how to fix that....hmph :)

Oh and before I forget to mention it we just wanted to thank our friends in Arkansas, Jeff and Stephanie Greer for having a Fund Raiser/Garage Sale for Chris, that was so Awesome. Thank you guys so very much. Much love and thanks coming your way.
Anyways cross your fingers we can leave tomorrow and send all your good wishes and prayers this way.



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Jeff and steph said...

You are quite welcome I wish we would have made more hope you get to go home soon!