Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chemo Day 2

So I don't know how people cope with these kind of situations. I feel hopeful one minute and then I break down the next second. I went to the chapel here at the hospital last night in hopes to talk to someone but no one was there ( in the physical sense anyway) So I just sat down and prayed for a while. I know it upsets Chris when I cry and I try not to do it in front of him but I can't help it sometimes. I just feel so so so scared.

Anyways enough with me, last night was Chris's second round of Chemo he is feeling pretty nauseous and tired as he has slept most of the day. They give him a series of 3 drugs everynight 2 via the IV and 1 in pill form. His Chemo currently involves the following Drugs



Yesterday I was able to get Chris to eat and even go on an in hospital excursion  with me and my cousins to the observation floor for a really nice view of the Houston area.

View from the Observation deck at MD Anderson

Chris wasn't in much of a picture mood yesterday

 Today I am not going to force him too eat much  or go anywhere if he does not want to. He ate a yogurt parfait  this morning so that was good and in a few hours I will order him some soup or something light for him.  On  a  MUCH  lighter note the Food is really quite good here unlike Cabrini. You have room service and can order anything you want at anytime and in 45 minutes a man dressed like a butler delivers it to your room, it's kinda funny.

This was taken a few days ago when Chris was enjoying food and before Chemo

Nice... LOL

Well my loves thats the news.
Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing our blog we hope this helps everyone feel more intuned with whats going on, it certainly helps me on several different levels.

Keep Praying.


vanessa said...

every time I think of you guys I pray for you guys! and please know that if you need anything there or when yall get back home to just call me!

Simply Kendra said...

Thank you so much Vanessa xo