Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chemo Day 3

Well today Chris has been feeling very tired and has been feeling very nauseous I hate watching my strong husband feeling so bad. This morning he coughed up a big clot of blood and the Doctor said that was a good thing and most likely one of the tumors breaking up. He ate a light breakfast and I ordered him lunch but its still sitting there. His sister and our nephew are coming to visit today so hopefully that will liven the place of a little more. As I walk the hospital halls it is so sad to see all the cancer patients from children to the old, its such a horrible disease and it does not discriminate.  I have been looking up things to do when we go home for the week for boosting his immune system, I will talk to the doctor before I leave for more ideas, I also think we will be doing some meditation and guided imagery. Tonight will be the last night for his chemo and then he will start on his Immune Therapy and this is what's going to kick his ass, lots of  super yucky side effects but he shall prevail. I have faith that everything will be alright so keep those prayers and love coming in.


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