Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well we made it back home last night, sorry I didn't update sooner but I was so exhausted physically and mentally that I pretty much went to sleep not much longer after getting home. My sweet momma disinfected my house so I wouldn't have to worry about anything after not being here in practically the last month and much to my surprise my Daddy put this pretty red tin backing behind my sink and countertops in my kitchen, i love it! I also received a package from my friend Mandi she sent us a beautiful bible and a note that was so sweet and endearing that it just made me cry. She highlighted verses about healing and comfort and I read them all aloud to Chris last night. She also shared our story with her friends and they made a donation to Chris's love fund at Sabine State Bank and I just can't Thank them enough. It was truly just such an amazing gift of  love and support. Thank you so much Everybody every prayer and every dollar helps us tremendously.

So today I made an appointment for lab work for Chris and have been writing down everything I do so I don't forget (what time I give medicines.. vital signs.. etc) I flushed one of his pic lines today but the other one is not cooperating, I will let my mom who is a RN have a go at it and if not I will have to call the infusion therapy and see what I need to do.

It feels really nice to be at home but a little scary too. I keep thinking what if something happens?!? There is no button to press for the nurse or doctor!
Chris is resting and seems happy, our dog Sam was so happy to see him although I think the cats are impartial lol. I wish we didn't have to go back to the hospital and this was it and Chris was done but its not the case. I opened my shop back up for this week while we are at home, I have my own small independent makeup line that I hand make everything so if your interested in that you can order at

Please keep praying for Chris and please pray for me too. Everytime I get on the Internet I cannot help but look up Metastatic Melanoma and everything I read is so disheartening. BUT Chris will not be a statistic I know in my heart he will be that case that confounds science.
I love you all



Mandi said...

I love you Kendra! And whomever is reading this who hasn't used Simply Kendra makeup you should for sure check it out...very good prices for extrodinarily high quality makeup! Praying for you both!!!

Kurt Floyd said...

Glad you guys are back at home and keeping good spirits! Keep your heads up and love & God in your hearts and anything is achievable through Him. With love Kurt, MJ, and Emma.

Bridget said...

I pray for you both everyday. God has a plan with everything. I love you both so much. Thank you for keeping us updated! "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." Yes ma'am, you can!!!

Simply Kendra said...

Awww 3 of my very favorite people in the world Thank you I love you all so much.