Friday, June 13, 2014

Much needed update 2014 and prayer request

sometimes I forget our readers are not just friends and family that keep updated with us on Facebook .. I know some just stumble upon this page wanting to know more about melanoma or have melanoma themselves and just want a little hope that there are stage 4 survivors out there... I am sorry I haven't updated you all. I am happy to announce Chris has been doing good and for the past few months has regained so much strength and has become  a close version of himself before this whole cancer journey. It took a few months for him to get most of his energy back after the radiation but he everyday he becomes better and better. He honestly looks amazing!  His last scans were in March and they came back clear. Thank God ! So now his next scans should be soon... He has a doctors appointment early July. So now comes the prayers part... I am trying not to overthink or freak out about this but Chris has had a nonstop headache this past week and night sweats which makes me very nervous.. I asked him the call the doctor but he hasn't yet and I am just feeling afraid. So please say a prayer that it's not a tumor or some other horrifying disease that has invaded. It's hard not to be on constant edge  and  paranoid at any health symptom after everything we have been through !So as always thanks for reading , thanks for your prayers and thank you for your love and friendship. Xo-k