Sunday, July 31, 2011

When you fall down, you gotta pick yourself back up

Well yesterday was a doozie. It started off well, Chris wanted to get out of the house so we journeyed to Winnfield to rent some movies and get an ice cream cone from sonic. We came home watched our movies and Chris fell asleep on the couch. My mom was here so I went into the other room to visit while he slept. Not much long after I heard a huge thud. At first I thought is was our dog Sam as he likes to just flop out on the floor but it was just to loud. I got up and there was my honey face down on the floor in a pool of blood. I am so thankful my mom who is also an RN was here. Needless to say I kinda froze  for a second and didn't know what to do but we sat him up and he was alert but then started going  out again. We grabbed a towel as he busted his chin open and applied pressure while got his head on a pillow and his feet against the wall.
He had gotten up to go the bathroom and his blood pressure just dropped too much and he fainted. After about 10 minutes he sat all they way and we helped him to the truck. I got to the emergency room in Winnfield in record time, I was so scared because he lost quite a bit of blood and seeing that his blood platelets are low to begin with  that freaked me out even more. Well when we got there he almost fainted again in the wheelchair in the waiting room while I filled out paperwork. They brought him back into the ER his blood pressure was still low so they started him on an I.V. He ended up getting five stitches and prescription for some antibiotics. So that was my day yesterday, hopefully we won't be having anymore like this again. I took a picture of his chin before stitches if anyone wants to see I added it below, although I must warn you its pretty yuck.

Prayers and love




randi said...

good blog
hang in there things get better and he seems to be tolerating the treatment

randi-las vegas

Simply Kendra said...

Thank you for reading Randi xo