Friday, July 29, 2011

Blood Tests Results

So Chris has been feeling "OK" today he ate a little but mainly slept. I gave him a facial today and a body scrub, his  face and skin is looking a lot better, he was peeling really bad, I found body oil was more moisturizing than his lotion so I am going to stick with that from now on.  MD Anderson called back with Chris's blood test results and they said his white blood cell count was down and his platelet count was down to 80 so that's pretty low but normal with the treatment. We go again on the 1st for more labs and they said it should be back up but in the meantime he needs to be getting his rest and needs to stay away from anyone with even a little cold since his immune system is so weak right now. Everyday I wake up I still can't believe this happening, its just not something I can get used to. I hate it so much. Please keep praying.

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Anonymous said...

sweetheart, i do not know if they told you, but do not let him eat any fruit or veggie that cannot be peeled. the dr. told me not to let joe eat anything like lettice or grapes because of the low whit count he could pick up bacteria off of them.
tons of prayers and love coming you'lls way
judy price