Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meeting with the Anesthesiologist today

Well we are back in Houston and Chris has an appointment with the anesthesiologist this morning. He should have surgery tomorrow sometime as long as everything looks good to go!  He has been feeling good but still tires very easy. I know its discouraging for him not to have his strength back but as I remind him everyday just 3 months ago you could hardly make it out of the bed. It will take time! Chris is so excited about being able to have this tumor removed and I am too. Anyways wish us luck and keep Chris in your prayers.
Love you all!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Endoscopic Surgery

Sorry I haven't updated this sooner but on our last visit to Houston, Chris ended up with another appointment before we left with the head and neck surgeon, Dr. Hanna.
They discussed removing his sinus tumor and decided on Endoscopic Surgery for the 26th of this month. My birthday is on the 25th so I am considering this a birthday present for my soul and mind. I am so ecstatic that the tumor is now small enough to for them to be able to operate. The Doctor said there were no hot spots on Chris's MRI and the tumor appears to be dead but we are going back to Houston tomorrow for a new catscan and another Brain MRI. This new MRI will show sections spliced in the opposite way to give the Doctor a clear view of the bones and nerves near Chris's tumor. He said it was good the tumor had receded upwards towards the front of his head because before it much to close to some arteries and inoperable. He told Chris the reason for his headaches is probably because of exposed bone in the sinus cavity. Normally the bones would be covered with tissue and mucous but the Chemo probably killed that tissue as Chemo not only kills cancer cells but normal cells as well. We failed to ask if it would grow back. I will be sure to remember to ask that on the next trip to the head and neck center. Chris is so happy to be able to get this out of his head!  Dr. Hanna assured Chris though if he saw anything that might be a risk he wouldn't chance it and won't do the surgery. The tumor is very close to the optic nerve but as of now he does not see a problem I guess we will know after he looks at the scans that they will be doing tomorrow. I can't believe its been almost 8 months since this began. Its been one heck of roller coaster ride but things just seem to be looking up now and I pray that they continue that way. Life and my perspective on things have changed so dramatically. I hate that it took my husband having Cancer for me to appreciate life and my love ones in a way I can't explain. It took my husband having Cancer for me to experience a closer relationship with God than I have ever had before and for me to truly never ever take anything for granted. I have found that I had more friends than I ever thought I had and I have experienced  complete true kindness from friends and strangers alike. I have said it a million times but I feel so blessed beyond words for all of you. Thank you for that.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gamma Ray Knife

Well today started early, we got to the hospital at 6:30am.  Chris was first taken in and fitted with a Halo, they don't screw this into the skull but into the skin. It looked like it hurt but Chris assured me it didn't he just felt alot of pressure and while he was being pushed around  in a wheelchair he thought he looked like Magneto from X-men LOL. I was thinking more along the lines of Hannibal Lector...

Next he was given another brain MRI that took smaller splices in case any other tumors were present. No new tumors! Yay!  Chris then finally went in and received his treatment.

 He told me he didn't even know it had started until a voice across the microphone said 4 minutes remaining. I am so happy that  this was an easy treatment for him. When he was finished they observed him for a little while and gave him some steroids to prevent swelling in the brain.  We have to stick around Houston for the next 24 hours to make sure everything is OK and then we will be able to get back home to our kitties and doggies :D Next thing we need to find out about is what in the heck are they going to do with this tumor in his sinus. Its still there and it gives Chris bad headaches. It hasn't appeared to grown and has shrunk ALOT, enough they should be able to get it out. So that's where Chris stands right now. Thank you everyone for the prayers and for keeping up with our blog!