Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cancer Financial Assistance for Louisiana Residents and Out of State Plus Chris update

So I have been filling out forms, licking envelopes, and slapping on the stamps for the last two days, I have found lots of resources, many for Louisiana Cancer Patients but also some for out of state . I will list them all below, hopefully it will help someone eles who just kind of had to start from scratch. 

Well Chris had an alright day today we took him for blood tests  and ran some errands. Although still fatigued I feel like he is feeling better this time than after the first round. I found out we have to go back early to Houston and do outpatient tests for 3 days before they actually admit him and start his BioChemotherapy. Blahhh so that means we will be gracing the halls of MD Anderson for at least 10 days this go around.  His appetite is still not back to normal but its getting better atleast. Well folks thats whats been going on.
We love you all and hope you have a nice weekend. Keep on praying.


Helpful Links for Assistance: (anywhere) Cancer Care provides small one time grants for travel costs   (anywhere) The Cancer Society of America can direct you to resources in your community  (anywhere) Fill out a form here and will give you possible Government programs that can help

Look for your Parish and email them for an application

Louisiana SNAP (foodstamps)-
Page goes directly to online application

Louisiana Weatherization Assistance Program- Will help low income families make their homes more energy efficent -
Look for your Parish and email them for an application

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program- Will help with Electricity Bills
Look for your Parish and email them for an application

 Louisiana Food Commodities- Contact let him know what parish your from and he will direct you to the right resource to whom to contact for an application

Social Security Disability- 1-800-772-1213

Helps with one time assistance grants for residents  suffering from Cancer from Northeast Louisiana

Angel Flight- helps provide free flights for cancer patients

I have applied to most of these programs but have not heard back from any yet so cross your fingers.

If you have any other links you would like to add please do so under the comments section. Thank you.

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