Monday, July 25, 2011

Side Effects

So Chris started to lose his hair this morning.. not anything noticeable but it is definitely coming out. When we get home I will shave it down to the scalp. I guess being a man during chemo is a lot different than if you are a women. I would be FREAKING out if my hair started to fall out but  for us ladies our hair is our crowning glory it's something that defines us and is something we  can utilize to change our whole appearance, not that men aren't finicky when it comes their locks, Chris just isn't. He usually shaves his head in the summer time not to mention he was in the Military so he is used to it.  His skin is also peeling and coming off in large pieces but that's just another side effect of the treatment. The poor thing. They still haven't started him on anything to get all the fluid off, he is bigger today than he was yesterday. They are still waiting for his blood pressure to  come up and most likely will start Lasix this evening. I visited the social services here in the hospital this morning and they are trying to help me with some transportation issues. There is a possibility in the future we might can be able to fly to Houston thru a service called Angel Flights, pilots donate their time and personal planes for cancer patients to help with costs of traveling. How generous is that? Hopefully they have some volunteers in Alexandria or Shreveport.  When I mentioned the idea to Chris I don't know if he was that keen on it.. I think the idea of maybe getting air sick might be throwing him off.  Honestly its expensive to drive here in our truck and I have to do all the driving and the drive rattles my nerves but on the other side of things, we are only 5 hours away, people travel here from all around the world, we are very lucky in that aspect so I shouldn't complain. I also need to get into touch with the Cancer Society to see what other programs we are available for.  I am happy to report I haven't been freaking out near as much and by freaking out I mean uncontrollable sobbing.  I know in my heart Chris is going to be a part of that 12% that makes it and I know It will take me a while to get everything straightened out financially but I will get it done. I can't wait to go home its a possibility for tomorrow evening or the next day. Hopefully tomorrow, I miss my animals and my house. Well loves that's whats going on. As always thank you for taking the time out to read about us and please say a prayer.


Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Jutta's. Bless Chris ongoingly!

And also my friend Carrie, who had to cope with her hair falling out. She just looks 'em in the eye and says, "I'm in chemo!" We all do what we have to do.

Regards, Peg

Simply Kendra said...

Peg, Thanks you so much for following the blog! Go Carrie! I hope she is doing well