Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last Day of Immunotherapy

Today is Chris's last day of immunotherapy!  He is still having all of the same side effects.. fever.. low blood pressure.. and it looks like he is burned from his head to his toes :( BUT we hope to be discharged by Saturday. The doctor came in this morning and he told us they were really pleased with how well Chris has withstood all the treatments seeing how strong they were! So in my opinion, thats wonderful news, I just know in my heart that his tumors are shrinking.
If everything goes well we will be at home for 8 days and then will return July 20th where he will undergo his second round of Biochemo.  This next round will end up being about 5 days worth but the effects will be worse as they will doing the chemo and immunotherapy at the same time instead of seperating them.  They seperated them this time because they needed to know how his body would react and they wanted to keep down all the swelling because the tumor in his head would have not been able to withstand it. Tomorrow I will change the dressing and flush the line of Chris's pic line in front of a nurse so hopefully I wont stumble, I know it all but hate feeling that I am under pressure so cross your fingers for me! Last night my cousin Laurette took me out for dinner for some TexMex and it really did me a world of good to get out of this hospital even just for a couple of hours, I had a great time, she really cheers me up so that was so nice.  I made an appointment with a social worker today so hopefully one will show up to the room later today or tomorrow I need to find out about Social Security Disability and all that Non fun paperwork stuff. Blahhhh is how I feel... I can't wait to sleep in my own bed.  My mom told me someone mowed our grass and when I asked around to my family no one there did it so I assume a neighbor probably did, how awesome is that? They even went around my newly planted banana plants and red canna, THAT makes me even more happy! ha. So thank you to whoever did that, it was so thoughtful. My mom was going to come this weekend but I told her not to bother since we will most likely be home Saturday, I hate for her to just drive here for one day, what is the sense in that, am I right? Although I can't tell you how much I want and need a Mommy hug right now!!! Well thats all that's going on right now thanks for reading, thanks for praying, and thanks for all the donations, we really appreciate it more than you will ever know.


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