Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ?

OK well maybe my title is exaggerating a little bit...

but I must say my poor baby's body is extremely swollen. They won't start lasix  for removal of fluid until tomorrow because they don't want his blood pressure becoming any lower today. Yesterday was his last day of Chemotherapy and today is his last day of Immunotherapy with  the IL-2. The next two days will be  spent under observation and getting the fluid off of him.  If you don't know Chris, he is long and lean and came in this go around at around 182 pounds, this morning they weighed him in at 205. Yikes!

Chris's hand 
Notice Chris's elbow he can't even bend it he's got so much fluid on him
I really like our doctor this go around not that I didn't like our last Doctor but Dr. Davies really seems to have a positive attitude and makes me feel better about the situation. When we first came here Dr. Patel told us  Melanoma was incurable. But Doctor Davies says with the IL-2 (part of the Immunotherapy) there is a 12%  CURE rate. I would have taken 0.0000000001% chance. I think that is a good thing. The Thing about the IL-2 is that not a lot of people can handle it. It's extremely Toxic and dangerous for anyone who does not have a strong respiratory or cardiovascular system.  Today the nurses told Chris he has some of the strongest lungs they have ever come across..kinda weird seeing he was a pack a day kinda man but wonderful news nonetheless.

My mom was here all this weekend she kept me company while Chris slept.  I was so happy to have her here. No matter how old I get the comfort that  I feel from my mother never fails to literally feel like a warm blanket wrapping me up. I love her so much.

My mumsy and Me

Yesterday Mom and I went to the observation deck to eat lunch and we accidentally stumbled upon a BINGO game in progress. She won twice! She won a small quilt and pillow and a 5.00 gift certificate to the gift shop. But seeing there are no losers I also received a prize after Bingo, another 5.00 gift certificate. So that was a nice and fun distraction. There wasn't much in the gift shop under 5.00 but mom managed to find her a pretty chain that you hang your reading glasses off and I found a pretty beaded bracelet. Next door to the gift shop there is a Flower shop, I couldn't help but take this picture, mind you all they have there is flowers, balloons and plants ...

I got a real kick outta that one. Anyways  I will end it here. Thank you for reading ,praying, and following us on this journey.

All my love


Mandi said...

12% ??? That's awesome news! I mean 12% is way way way better than 0%! Poor Chris...I bet all the fluid retention is making him even more uncomfortable. Great news about his lungs too. And poor guy is all's just awful that the only thing that can make you better makes you soooo sick. You know? Praying for you guys. (p.s. that flower shop sign is greatness)

Love y'all!

Bridget said...

You look like your mom! I love the sign too. Please tell Chris that I love him, and I feel his pain. I've been in his position somewhat. I know it is so hard to keep your chin up when you don't know what tomorrow may bring, but trust in the Lord is all we have. I love you both, and the prayers are coming.