Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Immunotherapy Day 2

Today is Chris's second day of the immune therapy. He's  been having some chills and flu like symptoms but this is normal. The skin on his body is also turning really red and dry so after his shower tonight I am going to slather him down with some lotion.

I tried to get him to come up to the observation deck last night, as Houston put on a big fireworks show for the 4th but he wasn't feeling up to it so I went up there by myself and  honestly I wish I hadn't. Imagine a room crowded full of cancer patients with their IV poles. Now imagine  this woman wondering the room playing and singing the saddest folk music ever. Needless to say I departed before the fireworks were over. It was way too depressing and I couldn't help but thinking this would be some of the patients last 4th of July... ugh.
On a happier note about an hour later I heard more fireworks going off and this time I could see them from our room and they were just beautiful.

Anyways this morning I went to a class to learn how to flush out Chris's PIC line and how to properly dress the area in between Chemo sessions while we are at home. I have one more class tomorrow and then I will perform it for the infusion nurse, Thursday,  on Chris.  I also went and did Laundry this afternoon here at the hospital and if I didn't tell you it was a small world I would be lying. I met a lady from Columbia Louisiana which isn't that far from where we live and this past weekend my sister in law ran into a client from the Salon she works at who is just down the hall from us! Crazy huh?

Well that's whats going on. I continue to pray and ask you to do the same.



NicWarwick said...

Prayin for you both, I am thinking of you often Kendra praying for God to give you peace and comfort! xoxoxo!

Simply Kendra said...

Awww Thank you so much Nicole xo