Friday, June 15, 2012

Update and 3 month scans

Its funny how in just a few months time how things started to feel normal again, that is until we hit Houston traffic and that old anxiety started brewing once again. It was time for 3 months scans. Chris started early Monday morning and had a Brain MRI and a PET scan. We wouldn't find out all the results until Wednesday.,, ugh.. waiting.. waiting.. waiting... I am so tired of waiting.. Well needless to say Wednesday couldn't come soon enough and that's when we received the happy news that Chris had no more new lesions in the brain and the tumor they treated with gamma knife is fading fast. Then we received the good to questionable news about his PET scan. Dr. Patel told us everything was good except for a few spots in the Lung. She couldn't say what they were because they were too small. She asked if Chris had a lung infection recently because that could be the reason... he hasn't. hmph so I don't know its something I am trying not to freak out too much about. On his report it said, "could possibly be new metastases ".. but then Dr. Patel told us they HAD to put that in the report because Chris is a cancer patient. So besides the obvious I think Chris had a pretty good report and I am just happy he's here and he is as healthy as he is. I would like to thank my  funny and generous cousin Laurette for putting up with us for the past 3 days and also would like to thank the Cancer League out of Monroe for helping us with transportation costs, you guys rock! I also want to thank Chris's ex employer MPH inc. for helping with the insurance as long as they did, we would have never been able to receive such Awesome care without them. And thank you for all the continued prayers we appreciate them from the bottoms of our hearts. Please continue them and please include our friends Robin and Stacey who are sisters and both going through this horrible Cancer. Well as always thanks for keeping up and I hope to bring you wonderful news throughout the year. Don't forget to wear your sunblock!