Monday, August 15, 2011

What to do, what to do?

I am so happy this is our last night in the hospital for the next couple of weeks. This is the best I have ever seen Chris at the end of a treatment. Besides being tired which is just a side effect of the chemo and nurses and staff coming in at all times of the day and the night the only other ill side effects he is suffering from his pain in his femur bones and a non existent appetite. The dietitian said a good way to whip his taste buds into shape when we get home is to have him eat pickle slices 30 minutes before trying to get him to eat. So I thought that was interesting and I think we will try it and see what happens. Well I found out  today my mom hadn't cancelled the Florida trip just yet just in case I changed my mind the last minute. I am very conflicted to be quite honest with you. If I go it will be the last couple of days before he goes to treatment, when he is at his strongest and up and around and his sister has generously told me she would bring him to his next round on the 31st .. I would be back on the 3rd so I could join him at the hospital for the last 3 days of his treatment.... BUT I feel guilty and I don't know if I should do it or not. I really would love a little break but in the back of my mind I am scared I am being selfish. I dunno. I would love a little input from you guys. I think I will see how it goes the next few days and how well I think Chris is recovering. Anyways love you all and please continue to pray. Chris is now halfway thru with him Biochemotherapy! May the last 3 rounds continue to diminish his tumors and be enough to heal him completely!!


Anita said...

Have you discussed all this with Chris? Other than that follow your heart girl! You need a break but your heart has to be in it or you will spend the whole time worrying. Love you girl!

Simply Kendra said...

Yeah he told me to go and enjoy myself but your right Anita I will just see how I feel after we get home love you 2 xo

Vanessa :) said...

you deserve a lil time away! it will do you good! not selfish at all! GO!GO!GO! it's the beach! white sand, blue water..... I wanna go!