Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The BioChemotherapy is Working!!!

We got great news today and well I just wanna shout it from the roof top.. ALL OF CHRIS'S TUMORS ARE SHRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a BLESSING!!!  Well we knew his lung tumor had shrunk from being able to see his chest x-rays the last treatment but we were told today it had shrunk an incredible 50% more!  The best news though is that his sinus tumor is shrinking but we are not sure how much yet it did not say on the report but I think they want to do an MRI  before telling us anymore because it will give a better view of what is going on. Also all the tumors that were in his subcutaneous skin layer are all gone!  Anyways I am so excited and happy!  Thank you all so much for the prayers.  I will keep everyone updated while we are here as usual just pray for Chris while he undergoes his BioChemotherapy because its so rough on him.
Love you all so much


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