Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Short Day, Short Blog

Well today we got to the hospital around 6am and we were out by 8am !  They rescheduled the appointment for his chest scan at 11:20 to around 7  this morning so that was fantastic. Chris even drove to MD Anderson this Morning, so that absolutely made my day!  We don't have to go to the hospital until 2:30 pm tomorrow so that will give us plenty of time to catch up on our sleep because you can't get too many zzz's  at the hospital. I am so anxious to know his test results. Pray your hardest tonight folks because we shall soon find out  how well this BioChemotherapy is working , better yet lets just pray for it to be completely gone!! :D


I am hopeful for Chris!

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Anonymous said...

I know these 2 Turkeys and I know everything is going to turn out ok! I love yall turds!:)