Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enjoying being at the house!

Well we are now home!  Chris is still feeling well and has been eating a little so that's good!   I went grocery shopping today and tried to buy everything I could with high levels of iron as there is a good chance that while we are home Chris is going to have to get a blood transfusion his hemoglobin count was 8.8 and normally at 8 they do a transfusion. The doctors said it was normal at the stage of the game to start receiving transfusions. I found Wheaties and dark organic chocolate have tons! The chocolate had 40% and the cereal was 90% daily recommended allowance. I also bought stuff like Broccoli, Spinach,  Greens, soy nuts, hummus, dried apricots.. just wanna try and keep it up as much as possible. Anyways he is still really tired but not as bad as the last 2 treatments. Oh and I know this is kinda gross but he has been blowing his nose and black stuff is coming out.. Its Tumor!!! Gross but wonderful! :)
Oh and I decided No to Florida I just can't leave my love.
Well that's whats going on!
Love you all


randi said...

Be careful of constipation with so much iron....

Simply Kendra said...

Thanks for the tip Randi I did not know that! xo