Thursday, August 11, 2011

CT Scan Images

Ok well these images aren't as pretty as the MRI and Xray photos but they get the point across!

Sinus Tumor, If you notice in the before picture you do not see any white area but in the after you do that is the bone you are now seeing and not tumor!

Before CT scan of sinus

After CT Scan of Sinus

Before CT scan of Lung

After CT Scan of Lung

When  Dr. Hwu came in this morning she expressed her excitement and the other Doctors excitement at their morning meeting that Chris is responding the BioChemotherapy so well. I am so happy everyone I just  know it will continue to shrink and he will continue to heal!



p.s. I am working on a Melanoma website to get a little more awareness out there, please check it out, its still under construction but if you would like to add a link or your blog or have a suvivor story please contact me there at the website


tammy smith said...

wow wow so awesome!! love you guys

Vanessa said...

that is sooo awesome to see & hear! tell Chris Hello! and congrats! still praying for you both & your families!