Friday, August 12, 2011

Morning Scare

So today was a little nerve wracking Chris's blood pressure which normally starts running low at the end of treatment starting running pretty low this morning 78/48 and he was running a temp. So they took cultures from his PIC line and took a urine sample to make sure it wasn't suffering from any kind of infection. Which could be possible seeing that his PIC line was clogged all week and I wasn't able to flush it and when he is fell a couple of weeks ago there was a possibility for an infection BUT he has been on antibiotics so hopefully its nothing to worry about. His blood pressure did go up and his fever broke so he seems to be OK for now. I just don't want anything to hinder him from finishing his treatments. He will have 3 more to go after this cycle. Then we hope that the tumors will be gone and we will have a walking miracle! :)   I know I have probably mentioned this before but only 15% of people actually respond to the BioChemotherapy and I just think its so Awesome he finally had a lucky break for once! Anyways that's the news for today. Love you guys and thank you as always for all the love and prayers


Ack! Look at whats all going in my Babies Veins let alone all the medicine in pill form and his shots of Interferon!

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