Saturday, October 1, 2011

A positive attitude is half the battle.

Well today was a nice day. We had got to visit with Chris's little sister from Florida this morning and then we visited with some more friends later on in the day. Also our nephew Matthew, came home today from his deployment in Afghanistan! We wanted to greet him when he got off the plane but Chris's stomach was still hurting really bad and  just couldn't endure the car ride there and back. Hopefully we will see him soon!
 Chris's mom brought him some pine nut oil, it's suppose to  help protect and soothe the stomach. He really could tell a difference after taking it and he is actually  starting to feel a little better. It was funny to me today when his little sister, who hadn't seen him since he was diagnosed, turned and said to me " Omg I thought he would be a lot worse.." Well that's because Chris has an amazing attitude and is in such great spirits you can almost forget he has cancer. He is so Awesome. Everyone tells us a positive attitude is half the battle and I believe it.  He is fighter and he will keep on fighting, I love him so much!
Keep us in your prayers and please join us Oct 15 for Chris's fundraiser. I am still in awe that this was put together for Chris, its such a blessing!

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