Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day one of Last Treatment

Well today has been quite a day. We left this morning at around 8 and arrived at the hospital at around 12:30. We had to ride a shuttle to Chris's first appointment at the Mohs Clinic and by 1:45  (his appointment was at 2:00)I was a tad worried when we arrived back to where we were picked up, I asked if we missed our stop but apparently the shuttle driver forgot to go there on his round... humph. Anyways we finally get there and if you remember from my previous post I wasn't sure what we were doing there except to meet with a surgeon. Well apparently they didn't know why we were there either. So after an hour and a half of trying to figure things we were told that Chris was there to get another better and deeper biopsy of a mole on his ear.. but he should wait until after Chemo to have it done.. So that appointment was kind of a waste of time and also made us late for the next two appointments!  We got back to the Main hospital and Chris gave up a little blood and had his chest X-rayed. We finally met with Dr. Patel and she told us that is was Amazing Chris was on his sixth treatment.  They are going to lower his dose of cisplatin because of  hearing loss and also lower the vinblastine due to the start of nerve damage in his fingers and toes. Dr. Patel said after the end of his treatment they wouldn't schedule him back for tests for another 2 months.  They said there was no point in doing anything any sooner because even if the treatment does not kill the cancer or it continues to grow, Chris will be too weak to handle any other kind of treatment at that time. So we will have to wait 8 weeks after this last treatment to find out anything. Its going to be so nervewracking and I don't know if I will have the patience to wait that long!
Anyways  I am trying to make this short I have an awful headache and need some sleep. Oh! I am on day 2 of chantix!!  Go me! :D I hope your all doing well continue to pray and I will continue to update. All my love.

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