Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last Treatment Days 3 and 4

Well not too much is going on. Chris has been sleeping pretty hard the last few days. I don't blame him. He has gained about 10 pounds in fluid and is pretty red. Also he has thrush but they have been giving him something that melts on his tongue to get rid of it. I am so excited that this is the last treatment. I will definitely not miss spending every 2 weeks here. Although I must admit I have grown fond of several staff members and I will miss them. The nurses here are the best ever. Chris has one more full night of Biochemo tonight minus the Cisblastin and tomorrow he will only have the Interferon. I can't believe the whole summer passed away so fast and November will be upon us in no time. November 4 is our Anniversary! 11 years. Wow! It wasn't easy and we certainly have had our share of struggles not including our current one but I am so proud we have stuck with it. I am more in love with Chris than the day I married him. I think we make an awesome team! :D 
I keep thinking about having to wait for 8 weeks to know what's going on with Chris. I just have to give it all to God and know he will take care of us.  I am happy that at least the wait will be going on during Nov and Dec, I will have lots of Holiday things to do to distract me.
   Anyways in other news I have smoked only One cigarette today  and yesterday I smoked only One and 1/2. I really don't want one until after I eat. Hopefully by the time we leave (hopefully Tuesday) I will be smoke free and stay that way! Oh and guess who won Bingo 4 times today!!!!!! Me!!!!!!!!!  I was so excited!! I won a Scrabble board game, a pretty scarf, one of those hard plastic drinking cups with straw, and a 5.00 gift certificate. That made my day!! :D  Anyways well let me stop because I think I might be rambling.
All my love

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