Monday, October 17, 2011

Chris's Fundraiser.. I am still in Awe.

Well the fundraiser has come and gone and I am still feeling the love and kindness resonating through me as if we were still there. I just can't thank everyone enough. God just keeps on answering our prayers over and over again. Its just so overwhelming. The Nakatosh Priesthood REALLY out did themselves and they cooked some of the best jambalaya that I ever had. Chris was nervous about going as he doesn't really like being the center of attention but when he got there and saw everything and everyone his anxiousness disappeared. From our dear friends and family who stopped by and passersby's who donated  to the cause, we are just so thankful. You have no idea how much this has helped us not only financially but spiritually. I still get happy tears every time I think about the kindness of the whole event. It was Awesome. We couldn't have asked for a better day. The sun was shining and this was the BEST Chris has looked or felt in months!
My beautiful friend Mandi and her way Awesome shirt!

Oh the food was so GOOD!

Chris was all smiles! He looked so good!

My lovely friends Vanessa and Mandi

I was so thrilled to see my cousin Karen and Aunt BooBoo! That's my daddy on the right!

Chris and I with the Nakatosh Priesthood, they are AWESOME!

Chris with my cousin's Adrian and Carolina

Serving up food

Chris Visiting with Family and Friends

Ragan and Mandi posing with Chris and I

Chris watcha looking at!? With the Nakatosh priesthood and our mommies!

Working hard!

Chris and his Sister Susan

Chris our nephew Phillip, Sister Susan, Nephew Matt, and Susan's Bf Matt

Ok he is looking in the right direction now!

Chris and his Mom

Me and my love :D

Aunt BooBoo, Karen, Me, and Chris

Suzy, Susan and Stacy lookin pretty

I just want to thank everyone again we are beyond grateful. We love all of you so much.


Mandi said...

It was so good to see y'all! I'm amazing at how well the fundraiser did. I pray God multiplies it to meet your financial needs. I also pray that God has His healing hands upon Chris...especially now as he is heading back for his last round of chemo. Love y'all!

Mandi said... didn't mean to say "I'm amazing." LOL What I meant was "I'm AMAZED..."