Friday, October 14, 2011

Eating like a piggy

I know its been a while since I have written an entry, sorry about that. Everything has been OK the past week. We have had lots and lots of company and I have just tried to stay busy and keep my mind off  of stuff. Tomorrow is the Jambalaya lunch fundraiser, I can't wait to see family and friends and eat some yummy food! Speaking of food, Chris has been eating REALLY well!! Normally at this time he would be in day 2 of Chemo but since he got the extra week at home his appetite has absolutely picked up. I need to buy a battery for my scale to see if he has gained any weight. I can't really tell by looking at him, he is still pretty skinny. The hospital called the other day and Chris has a new appointment with a surgeon before he admits to the hospital. I see that she is a plastic surgeon so I'm  THINKING that means that maybe the tumor in his sinus will maybe be able to be operated on?!? I don't know.. but I do know they would probably have to go in through the front of his face hence the plastic surgeon.  I really need to get to the phone first when the hospital calls so I can ask these kind of questions. Husbands! humph! :D  I actually called to ask but it just went to the nurses voicemail, so I guess we will find out Tuesday.  Since Chris's appetite is back I was hoping his strength would too, but it seems he is feeling pretty tired and weak, I know his bones are working hard to make more blood, I just hate that he gets so winded so fast. Anyways loves that's that! Please keep praying as Chris moves into his last Treatment. I am so scared but so full of hope all at once. I pray pray pray this works!!

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