Thursday, September 29, 2011

Side Effects suck

Well we got in Tuesday night and the drive from Houston seemed to take forever this go around. Thankfully MD Anderson gave Chris an extra week at home in hopes to fatten him up. I must say he has been trying his darnedest to get food down, the only problem it seems it that the food is going nowhere and is just sitting on his stomach. The chemo has really messed up his GI tract.  Before we left the hospital Tuesday they sent Chris to an audiologist because he has been having constant ringing in his ears, Cisblastin, one of the chemo drugs can cause hearing loss. They said he did have some  loss and it may or may not come back. Also his nerve endings in his feet and hands seem to be getting worse, another thing that will hopefully come back but they can't be certain. So these are some of the side effects he is also dealing with ,besides the nausea and what not.
 Well we went to Natchitoches today and Chris did his blood labs , I think everything will be OK, that blood transfusion last week really did him a world of good. After that, I hit the grocery store and loaded my buggy down with lots of fattening food. There is no way he is not going to gain some weight this go around, hopefully I wont! I also picked up a newspaper yesterday and I asked Chris to read it to me while we were driving and as soon as he opened it he saw his face lol there was an insert for the Fundraiser Oct 15. He was surprised and touched. I just wanted to let everyone know in the flyer its says we do not have insurance but we do have some insurance, just no income but the bills are already racking up, each of Chris's treatments cost around 93,000 a pop. Ack! Insurance covers some of it but if you can imagine a nice chunk is left. I have just been putting the bills in a big Manila envelope and will worry about them when I have to. There is nothing I can do about it right now and they will just have to wait. It's really not my main priority. Chris getting better is. I just love him so much and I can't imagine not growing old with him. I hate cancer so much. It sucks!!! Sometimes I think I torture myself by reading about it constantly on the Internet and I have to keep reminding myself, everyone is different. Does anyone watch the Big C on Showtime? Well its about a Melanoma patient and her struggle, anyways on the season finale her son is talking to the Dr asking him how much time his mom has left and he tells her possibly 10 months -2 years but then he tells him "but sometimes there are those who defy who all odds.." And that will be my love. He has already defied many odds and he will continue. I know he is in the best hands in the world at MD Anderson and I know he has the best support system (you guys!) ever. Please keep praying.

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