Tuesday, September 6, 2011

National Blood Shortage

Did you know we are going through a National blood shortage? I had no idea, but who would. Even our Doctor didn't know until she found today when Chris wasn't able to receive his scheduled blood transfusion for today. They have blood but they are saving it for necessary surgery. His Hemoglobin level is 8.1 and they do transfusions at 8.0 :/ His nurse just came in and said they were still trying! They have been trying all day, the staff here is so awesome. Anyways I posted my concerns on facebook earlier and when I logged back in just now there were so many of my friends ready to donate and help. How absolutely wonderful is that?  If he does end up needing someone to donate, Chris's sister has the same blood type, so that is great news.  Well Chris still isn't eating much of anything, not that he is not trying. He just can't keep anything down and everything tastes really bad. He had his MRI this evening, I am not sure if we will find out the results before we leave in the morning or not but they should give us a call if anything is up. Well I am so happy that this is our last night here. We will be heading back in the morning and aren't scheduled back until the 9/19.  I ask you all if you see that LifeCare Blood Bus  and you have the time donate a pint or two, People really need it right now. Love you all so much

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