Saturday, September 3, 2011

Broth? Yes Please!

In good news today Chris had some beef broth and crackers today along with some Gatorade! He is not feeling as nauseous as he had been feeling in the last few days. My Aunt Lorna and Cousin Laurette came and cheered everyone up and as of the moment he's quite awake and alert  over there but that might have something to do with the fact LSU is playing on television! ha. In bad news they cancelled Bingo today. How dare they!  They didn't bother telling anyone, just no one showed up. I didn't feel that bad for me as I did for the cancer patients who look forward to it every week. Grrrrrrrr! Anyways today went by a little faster than yesterday so hopefully that trend continues throughout the week. I have been trying to make only healthy food choices while I am here because  these hospital stays have been hard on my waistline!  I come back a few pounds heavier every time I go home.  Its difficult when they make a new homemade cake everyday and have them so nicely displayed throughout the cafeteria. I have a major sweetooth and its my downfall. So nothing but salads and water for me! Well that's the news! Pray for Chris and my waistline! :D

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Mexican Dave said...

I love you guys. I will find a way to come see you next time ull in natchitoches.