Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My ever shrinking husband

Well it seems like Chris is getting skinnier everyday. I wish he could put a little weight on. I keep cooking but nothing seems to hit the spot for him.  After his last blood test his hemoglobin level was still at 8.1 . We went again today for his labs hopefully his levels have remained  the same or maybe they have gotten higher but I doubt it, I don't think he is eating enough to get his body to start producing any more blood cells but lets hope I am wrong.  I have only left the house twice since I have been home ( for labs) and I am feeling stir crazy.  I wish gas was cheaper! Life is just so strange sometimes, one day your doing great the next day not so good. One thing I have really realized throughout this whole experience is everything that I thought was important, isn't.  Objects and possessions no longer hold much power or influence in my mind.  I would throw away everything I own if I knew it would heal Chris. The only things that really matter are  God, each other, our family and our friends.

Love yall xo

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