Saturday, June 25, 2011

So here we go..

Hi my name is Kendra and this is my online diary. Yesterday I found out my husband, Chris, has cancer. I am devastated, mad, sad, and just really confused. I thought this would be a nice way to keep our family and friends (and whoever Else that is interested) updated while giving myself an outlet for my feelings.

The Story So far

About 4 weeks ago Chris started suffering from nosebleeds. We just thought it was the dry hot weather and left it that. Then his tooth started hurting so he made a dentist appointment and the Dentist told him nothing was wrong with the tooth but he thought Chris had a major sinus infection so he prescribed him a Z-pack. After finishing up his antibiotics Chris was still feeling bad and had developed a constant headache. Well his headache continued to become worse and nothing he took made him feel better. Last Friday night he awoke in such pain he was nearly in tears, i brought him ibuprofen and BC powder but nothing helped. Chris went to work that next morning and by the time he got off he was in so much pain we went straight to the ER.

Upon arriving at the ER they immediately gave him a vidocan and c-scan. The vidocan  didn't help at all. They brought us to a small room and and a nurse practitioner proceeded to tell us that the cat scan showed a mass in his sinus cavity and that they would have to do further testing to find out more. We were then admitted into the actual Emergency room where Chris was given 2 shots of morphine, 2 shots of Dilaudid, and then 4 more shots of morphine over a 5 hour timespan... his pain was intense and his eyes had began to swell.

At around 6 am they finally moved Chris out of the ER and into a room but not before stopping off  for an Xray. I was in shock they made Chris stand up to take Xrays after being pumped up with so many narcotics, the nurse 20 mins before told me he was not to get  not even to go the bathroom because they were scared he would faint. Needless to say Chris vomited everywhere, my poor darling.

After the xray we finally get to a room, they put Chris on a Morphine Drip and they have ice bags for his face due to all the swelling that is building up. Sunday passes without much information on whats going on, it seems the hospital is working on a skeleton crew and not to mention its Fathers day.

Monday comes and goes still without any information we are told he is going in for an MRI but it gets pushed for Tuesday morning. An ENT Dr comes in and tells us he has an extensive mass and he is almost positive it is a tumor and not an infection or polyp as we hoped.

Tuesday morning comes and goes and no MRI. We ask the nurse, we ask the the Social Worker, we ask the CNA.... no one knows when they are going to be able to get him in they are talking that it might not be until Wednesday now. We find out they are taking patients from the ER first even though Chris was admitted from the ER and for gods sake he has an Extensive Mass in his head.. what is wrong with these people?!?  After calling  many people and having to get irate they finally fit him that evening. Hours after his MRI someone finally comes in and we find out not only does he have 1 tumor but now there are 2 tumors. We also find out that there is a spot on his lung that showed up on Xray (we still know nothing more about this as it has not been tested any further yet) He has a Biopsy scheduled for the next day at noon.

Well noon comes and goes, its pouring rain outside and my poor baby hasn't eaten since 5:00 the previous day. His biopsy gets pushed back and doesn't happen until 5:00 that evening instead of 12:00. When he gets out his nose is swollen and he looks just awful. I went and got him an orange popsicle  to ease his throat pain. The Doctor comes in and tells us he will do everything he can to find out ASAP the results of his biopsy before Friday, as the Pathology dept is closed on the weekends.

Friday was full of alot of anxiety and waiting but the doctor finally comes in and lets us know although the tests are not all the way done it is cancer, they will know by Monday what kind but this is the info we need to know to expedite getting out of here and into MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
After lots of crying and praying the Nurse returns with news that a Dr.Patel from Houston has accepted Chris as a patient and a bed should be open by Monday.

So that's the story so far, I just want to thank everyone who has come by and who has called, texted, facebooked... we appreciate all the love. We don't know what to expect but we will take it one day at a time. Chris is a tough cookie and I know in my heart God will take care him. If you would like to help we are accepting prayers and donations for upcoming expenses. You can find a link to that below. I will keep everyone updated. Thank you for reading. We love you all.

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