Monday, June 27, 2011


So I left Chris this morning because he was suppose to be transported to Houston today but just found out the Pathology department has not gotten MD Anderson the hard copy of his biopsy results and MD Anderson does not accept admits after 4:30 pm. I am so pissed. I just don't understand why they are so slow at Cabrini, I feel time is of the essence and I am so ready for him to get out of there. His new planned transport time is 6:00 am tomorrow morning so if anyone wants to go visit him one more time, today is the day to do it! This past week feels like it has gone by so fast. I am just so frustrated because we still don't know much, such as exactly what kind of tumors they are (I pray it is not Melanoma again) Has it spread? What stage is it in? He has been hospitalized for almost 9 days now and all we know is he has 2 malignant tumors in his sinus cavity and and a spot on his lung. Its really enough to drive one insane with anxiety. Chris has really been the strongest of all of us. Imagine knowing you have a potenially life threatening disease and your the one having to do the comforting and thats exactly what he has done. I would have already lost it honestly but I prayed for strength and I today I have felt it. Love you all


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