Thursday, June 30, 2011

Metastatic Melanoma

Well today was probably the worst day. The Doctor came in today and told us that  the Melanomas in his sinus cavity was not operable as it is way too extensive and was sitting there under the base of the brain. The spot on his lung and the top surface lumps that appeared were  melanoma so my worst fear that it has spread is now a reality... Metastatic Melanoma...  They cannot wait the 2 weeks  for the tests to come back for the BRAF mutation because the main concern is shrinking this tumor in the sinuses NOW. So the game plan is BioChemotherapy. Which is basically 1/2 Chemotherapy and 1/2 Immunotherapy .  They begin tonight and this will last for 10 days. Hopefully after the first round we will be able to go home  for a week or so and then he will have to come back and they will do it again. The doctor said 40-60% of patients with Melanoma will see shrinkage in tumors by the second round. Then hopefully they will be able to use the radiation to remove the tumors in the sinus cavity. There is no cure for Melanoma but I have read many cases about Melanomas just disappearing unlike other forms of cancer. So keep the prayers coming and I will keep you all informed with more information in the following days. I can't type too much more I am emotionally exhausted and quite frankly today has been just way too overwhelming.


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