Saturday, June 25, 2011

No sleep in sight

Well I keep reading awful articles about Sinus Cancer here on the Internet and quite frankly I keep scaring the sh*t out of myself.  I can't wait to get to MD Anderson so we can actually start doing something about this instead of just controlling the pain. They finally gave Chris another steroid shot earlier tonight to control the swelling, its actually the only thing that is really making him feel better. His parents came earlier to visit and we will have an army of visitors tomorrow before we leave for Texas.  They will transferring him Monday if everything goes as planned by Ambulance, I will catch  up with him Tuesday as I need to go home and take care of this months bills and pack up some clothes and things. Everyone is so positive and sure that everything will be ok but I am honestly so scared its not funny. I keep trying not to lose my cool in front of Chris but it never fails I have been bursting out in tears several times a day in front of him. I am praying for strength I hope it comes soon.

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