Friday, December 30, 2011

Visit with the Neurosurgeon, Christmas, and all that good stuff

So we just got back again from Md Anderson yesterday Evening. On the 27th Chris met with Dr. Amy Heimberger where she went over the MRI scans of his brain. She explained his 3 options for the removal of his brain mets. Option one: Surgery, she explained alot of people just want it out ASAP but there ran some small risks of infection. Option 2: Full Brain radiation. I don't even know why this was an option honestly but she didn't push it. Option 3: Gamma Ray Knife which is a pinpointed laser of radiation that destroys tumors within approx 3 months time.
This is the plan Chris is going with. Since his tumor is small there is a 95% success rate for this procedure to eradicate his tumor. And I don't know about you, but I like those kind of odds!! We go back to the Hospital Sunday for them to put an IV in for Chris then on Monday (Jan 2) he will have the procedure. Then we have to stick around Houston another 24 hours before being able to go home. I can't tell you how thankful I am for my cousins who always graciously take us in, they are Awesome. As soon as we got out of the neurosurgeons office we ran into Stacey and her sister Robin who is also going through this Melanoma roller coaster. I was happy for Chris to meet Robin and it felt good to give Stacey a hug. They have been through so much and I ask everyone to continue to pray for them as they pray for us.
The next day Chris went to his audiologist appointment, no change in his hearing loss, but I do believe the ringing in his ears hasn't been as bad then we took a trip to the MOHS  dermatology clinic where they took more samples of moles that proved atypical a couple of months ago. So I really hope they come back OK this go around. We really want to go visit the Melanoma floor to see all our nurses from Chemo but I think Chris wants his scans to be completely clean so he show off, at least that's what I say. I miss those ladies, especially our Nurse practitioner, Jessie. She was the best. Anyways that was our hospital news! We had such a wonderful Christmas and I can truly say that I have been calm and not" freaking out" like I usually am, and I know its because of prayers. Thank you! In between our hospital appointments we got in some good visits with all my cousins. We drove down with my Aunt Lorna and I enjoyed her company so much during our stay and on the drive Its nice to change things up  every once in a while! Well I just wanted to update everyone on whats going on. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a very Happy New Year. I am ready to put this past year behind us look forward to a new year of Chris healing and getting better!
Love you all

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