Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Restaging and Headaches

Well Chris has been having a 5 day headache that wont seem to go away. It's making me really bad nervous. He called MD Anderson yesterday but his Dr and nurse were both off. I got an automated call later that day that said he now had an appointment on the 20th and 21st for his complete PET scan and also Dr. Patel is suppose to re- stage his cancer. Then we will go back on the 27th for a brain MRI. So looks like we will be doing alot of traveling to Houston in the next two weeks. Chris didn't even tell me about the headaches until yesterday, I guess he didn't want to scare me but it's too late. He says it feels weird and it won't go away.  Last Friday I had to go to the ER because my left side was hurting so bad they took Xrays and  nothing seemed wrong so they think I just pulled a muscle real bad around my lung area. So the Dr. prescribed me some Lortabs and Muscle relaxers.  Chris took some of my pain medication and its the only thing that seems to help his headache. He still has some pain meds from his last visit to the hospital but they are a little too strong and makes him dizzy and sick. Needless to say I don't mind sharing. I am so scared that the tumor in his sinus is continuing to grow and that is what is causing the pain or there is something new inside growing. I pray pray pray pray that its just a sinus headache. The weather here has been so crazy and we live in a drafty old house. So hopefully that's all it is. I just feel so helpless when it comes to Chris. I just wish I could fix everything but I can't. In better news we had a lovely Thanksgiving and we also had a great time at the Christmas Festival in Natchitoches a couple weekends ago. Got to see all my wonderful cousins and catch up with old friends. I only can wish for more good times like this with Chris in the future. I pray that this PET scan will tell us only good things. I am praying hard for a Christmas Miracle and hope you are too. Sorry I  haven't written in a while but there hasn't been much to update other than Chris's headache he has been doing really well and building back up his strength and putting weight on. He looks so great. Anyways love you all and thank you keeping up and reading the blog.
All my love
Chris feeling and looking good at the Christmas Festival

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Anita said...

Love you guys, you will be in my prayers! Anita