Thursday, December 22, 2011

6 months of BioChemotherapy results

Honestly the following is just a copy and paste of my facebook status from yesterday. I am terribly sick with the flu I must have picked up a bug at MD Anderson and I have to stay away from my honey so he doesn't get sick :(

Well we didn't exactly hear the news we wanted to hear but this is whats going on. His lung tumor is almost gone its just a small spot now. His sinus tumor has shrunk considerably. They think both are most likely dead and that is the remaining tissue. They have found a spot on his brain. It is very small the size of a half of a pea. The radiologist wasn't even convinced it was a melanoma. BUT it wasn't there his last scan and its where melamomas like to take up residence in the brain. Biochemo treats the whole body but not the brain. We will meet with a neuro surgeon next week for a consultation and then they will perform pinpoint radiation (gamma knife)and zap it. His Dr. thinks that a small piece of his sinus tumor must have broke off and went to the brain. Dr. Patel says the procedure is very effective. The next step after that would be removing the remaining sinus tumor. Well we are headed home. Thank you for the prayers, please continue to keep us on those prayerlists. It could have been much worse news and I am thankful that his tumors were not still active and that no other tumors besides the one in his brain have metasized anywhere eles. Today has been stressful but atleast I know where Chris stands.

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