Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scans coming soon... I hope?!?

So its been a while huh? Well things are about as normal as they probably will ever be. I have learned as much as you try and not think about it once Cancer strikes it feels like a little black cloud that is always looming overhead. You never know when its going to strike and you just have to keep praying for it to stay at bay for as long as possible. Well as you may know Chris's no longer is covered by Insurance so no more trips to MD Anderson. Thank Goodness Chris is a veteran  so now he is covered under the VA. I am concerned though because he has been in the system for a while now and still has not been appointed an official oncologist. So.... since they have not given him one yet they have not scheduled any scans for him which are DUE this MONTH. It's all I can do not to go loco on them. I will have Chris call AGAIN Monday and see if any progress has been made. I am so used to the wonderful care and treatment at MD Anderson and with the VA it just seems like we keep getting the run around. Lost forms, calls not returned.. and so on. Blah. Hopefully everything gets straightened out soon. Chris is still unable to work, he looks great on the outside but is still so weak. It makes me sad. I have been working at a Salon downtown in Natchitoches trying to make some extra income but its slow starting so please say a little prayer for me to get some more business.Click here for my business Website Its really been quite an adjustment financially BUT we are making it and we have each other and all of you so that's really whats important!  This spring I decided I am going to go back to college for Business Administration. I am learning that its now my turn to become the bread winner in the family so I figured  a degree couldn't hurt. I became so dependent on Chris financially throughout our marriage that anything I made from my previous jobs was more like "spending money" then bill money. Anyway ok no more talk of money and blah blah. In other news our dog tootie had pups a few months ago and we kept one his name is GUS and and he is the sweetest thing ever and blind as a bat. He makes us uber happy. :D Isn't he so cute?

Oh I wanted to ask my readers who had cancer if you have tried Turmeric? A lady at the Salon told me about it and all of its wonderful Cancer preventing qualities. Has anyone tried it?. I was going to pick up a bottle next time I was in town, I read alot of good things about it including a study from MD Anderson .So its worth a try! Also I wanted to ask you caretakers if you have suffered any kind of post traumatic experiences from going through the same situation as we have?  I have had lots of bad dreams lately involving cancer and also  you know how soldiers  have flashbacks of war, sometimes I flashes of being in the hospital with Chris watching him be sick and it brings up lots of really strong negative feelings, like I am reliving in my head over and over again. It's weird. I dunno I am sure its just normal at least I hope it is, I would just like to someone to tell me it is! Anyways just please keep us in your prayers and pray the scans are good I am worried because Chris says he has a weird feeling in his lung hopefully its nothing. i love you all so much. Its past my bedtime so night night!

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Vanessa! said...

Love yall bunches! and I still pray for Chris regularly! please let me know if there's anything I can do! we NEED to visit again soon!!! xoxoxoxoxo