Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dear VA stop pisssing me off :/

So this past Thursday we went in  for what we thought were Chris's full body scans but turns out he only had orders for a brain MRI. Apparently they are having difficulties getting records from MD Anderson. I honestly don't believe it. I think they are just slow and don't care. It's impossible to get anyone of any importance on the phone (not the front desk clerk isn't important, but you know what I mean) He hasn't spoken or even had an appointment with an oncologist. Its all very disheartening to me. It just makes me mad because he is almost a month behind of when he is suppose to be having this done and I know how fast this stuff spreads when it comes back. We will be trying to get into LSU soon. We are suppose to  find out the results of his MRI tomorrow , I guess we should start calling in the morning when they open up maybe that way we might find out by Friday whats going on. hmph. Pessimistic? yes. Hopeful? Always.



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